Rayong province

This wonderful holiday province with its more than 500 000 inhabitants have just begun to be discovered by western tourists. The Thais themselves have enjoyed endless beaches, refreshing waterfalls and beautiful scenery for decades.

Rayong is rich on marine resources and is considered a major agricultural and business region. The 3 500 square kilometer province has an excellent road network and is strategically locateted only 180 km from Bangkok and 130 mil from Suvarnabhumi airport. The most famous cities in the province are, from the west, Ban Chang, Rayong and Ban Phe. Experience Rayong with our interactive map.


Rayong - the pulsating "capital"

Rayong is located approximately in the middle of the province and also the "capital" with over 200 000 inhabitants. The city can offer you everything and is a really nice place once you have come to know it.

Here are good opportunities for shopping with several major shopping centers and supermarkets such as Tesco Lotus, Big C and Laem Thong. Furniture for example, you will find at SB Furniture and Index. conveniently located in the city centre. Naturally there are a number of local markets all over the place with fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and seafood.

Boardwalk full of life
The proximity of the sea contributes significantly to the charm of Rayong. A few kilometers south of the main street is the promenade that in the evening gets filled with locals. When you finished work or school, relaxing in the sunset at the beach with lots of food within reach is quite an experience. A foreseeing city planner have also provided breakwaters making the city beach very bath friendly.

Private hospitals and excellent communications
But Rayong is more than shopping and sea. Here you will find nice restaurants, small cafes, nightclubs and bars. For everyday needs you have post offices, several large banks, pharmacies and private hospitals, with Bangkok Hospital Rayong as the most renowned. Several buses will take you easily to Bangkok, Pattaya or virtually any other part of Thailand.

Ban Chang - charming runner up

Ban Chang is located 20 kilometers west of the provincial capital Rayong. With it´s population of 50.000 people it is the second largest city in the province. Previously Ban Chang has mostly attracted the foreigners who work in companies located in the city of Rayong.

Several golv courses attract
Recently, however, more and more holidaymakers is starting to discover the city. A number of beaches, several golf courses and the city's pleasant local markets are things that attracts. Also the proximity to Jomtien and Pattaya makes Ban Chang attractive.

While the city retained its charm it still offers in principle all the amenities and services that can be expected in any small town in the West.

Ban Phe - the gateway to Koh Samet

Moving additionally 20 kilometer east you will end up in in the coastal town of Ban Phe. Perhaps you will also drop by ERA:s Rayong office that is located here. Please do so!
Ban Phe is a bit of capital for Klaeng and Mae Ramphueng when it comes to shopping, banking and postal matters. But above all, Ban Phe is the transit city for travelers to the island of Samet.
Explore our photo gallery with delightful images from Ban Phe.

Amazing Koh Samet
Koh Samet is located in a national park and the island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the province and throughout the country. Only half an hour from Ban Phe by ferry Samet is blessed with wonderful nature and great beaches. See for yourself in photo gallery of Koh Samet

The island offers plenty of accommodation in different price ranges. Koh Samet can usefully be visited all year round except possibly in May when the weather can be relatively unstable. There are also a number of other islands nearby well worth a visit.


Rayong province offers a number of fine and very long beaches. The most renowned is Mae Ramphueng, Suan Son and Mae Phim, which together constitute approximately 25 kilometer sandy beach. Further west at Rayong town and Ban Chang there are wonderful beaches, although not quite as fine as in the eastern region.

Hundreds of beach restaurants
Common for all beach areas is that they offer an abundance of simple but nice restaurants. They serve you every imaginable sea food dish at appetizing prices. Of course you can also have your classical Thai food and a cold Chang beer.


Rayong Fruit Fair is held in May/June each year and is a way to market the province's rich supply of fruits, fish and shellfish. The fairs can include variety of fruit contests, agricultural exhibitions and, of course, beauty contests which belong to any festivals.

Robing of the Phra Chedi Klang Nam is a traditional festival which is held during the fullmoon period in November and coincides therefore with the Loi Krathong celebrations. The festival is held in Rayong town and include religious rites, long-boat races, Loi Krathong and other pleasant entertainment.

Local products and souvenirs

Well-known and popular souvenirs are all sorts of sea products such as shrimp , fish sauce, dried shrimp, salted fish and cuttlefish, everything sold at attractive prices. The biggest supply can be found at Ban Phe seaside markets.

The unknown crystal making
Less known are products made of crystal, manufactured in Rayong, and quality fully comparable with foreign manufacturers. The Lotus Chrystal has open house so you can study the manufacturing process and finally purchase the finished product.

Big producers of Durian
Rayong production of fruits such as Durian, rambutan and mango steen, is known throughout Thailand. During the high season in May and June many orchards are open so visitors can "bargain" in the abundance of these tasty fruits. Durian is an example of a fruit that you should try. It´s characteristic odour is special!