About us

Contact information for some of us working for you in our Ban Phe office.

Male manager at real estate broker office

Peter Ekfeldt


Language: Swedish, English

E-mail: peter.ekfeldt@erathailand.com

Mobile: +66 (0)8 7895 2810

Phone: +66 (0)38 65 26 00 ext. 108

Work permit: ลภ/รย/274/50

Female staff at ERA Oakfield

Khun Nock


Language: Thai

E-mail: phannita@erarayong.com

Mobile: +66 (0)8 9425 2456

Phone: +66 (0)38 65 26 00 ext. 103

staff at ERA Rayong

Patrik Eskilsson


Language: Swedish, English

E-mail: patrik.eskilsson@erathailand.com

Mobile: +66 (0)8 9246 5417

Phone: +66 (0)38 65 26 00 ext. 106

Work permit: ลภ/รย/210/56


Khun Gun


Language: Thai, English

E-mail: korrawan@erathailand.com

Mobile: +66 (0)9 8764 6545

Phone: +66 (0)38 65 26 00 ext. 109


Khun Gift


Language: Thai, English

E-mail: wanwisa@erarayong.com

Phone: +66 (0)38 65 26 00 ext. 101

Male photographer

Khun Pai


Language: Thai

E-mail: pathai@erarayong.com

Phone: +66 (0)38 65 26 00 ext. 105

ERA - a worldwide property brand

World-leading real estate agent

ERA (Electronic Realty Associates) is one of the leading real estate agencies in the world. You will find us in 31 countries, with 2 300 offices and 37 000 brokers.

ERA in Sweden is the fastest growing chain with more than 90 offices in different parts of the country and in most major locations.

Our size is a result of our way of working. An increasing number of buyers and sellers choose ERA because we are both customer and result oriented with high ethics and morals.

ERA in Thailand

ERA Oakfield Thailand has taken ERA's basic philosophy of service and security a few steps further. We offer you even more benefits and even more reliability than ERA formally demands of us.

The best example is that we work with applicable parts of the Swedish Real Estate Brokerage Act. No other broker in Thailand do this.


Our size benefits you

Buy a house or sell an apartment? No matter what your starting position is, our entire organization is working for you.

Our international network helps us to quickly find a buyer for your home. Our well-prepared routines make buying and selling the process smooth. Ongoing training enables you to always have access to the latest skills.

Thank you for choosing ERA when you buy and sell house, condominium or land in Thailand.