Our website uses cookies. A cookie is a small information file transferred to your computer.

The cookie contains information on:

  • What pages you visited
  • What settings you made on our site
  • How long you stayed on our site

The cookie can not identify you personally, only the browser that is installed on your computer and which one you use during the visit.

The cookie does not contain viruses and can not destroy other information on your computer.


Different types of cookies

There are different kinds of cookies for various purposes.

SESSION or navigeringscookie is used to help you navigate to the parts of the site you visited. This cookie are stored on your computer and activated when you return to a section or visit again.

STAFF-cookie Used to help you take advantage of special services on our website (eg. Access to certain information or service).

Cookies are stored on your computer only for as long as necessary for it´s purpose. Navigation Cookies are stored at the most in three years after your last visit.

Staff Cookies are stored only whn you are connected to our website or for as long required to complete the use of the service.


Cookies are obstacles and opportunities

You have the right to prevent to store cookies on your computer. This right does not apply to staff-cookies, sincethey are neccessary for you to connect to and use the site.

If you prevent storage of session or navigation cookies could deteriorate your navigation on our website.